About Us

The main activity of our company is the provision of services related to computer games and e-sports. The modern world of multiplayer computer games is quite complex, and sometimes people need help and support, which our team of professional gamers is able to provide. It would be logical to divide all our services into three categories:

1) Coaching – client connects with the coach via screenshare video call (usually via Discord) and receives recommendations on how best to play a particular game. Sometimes the process includes playing together (when both the client and the coach play together). Payment occurs either by the hour, or a specific coaching course.

• Example: https://funpay.com/en/lots/513/

2) Piloted service – while playing some games, users encounter a lot of monotonous play (such as leveling in Lineage 2). On our website you can hire a pro player who will log into your account and play for you for as long as you need.

• Example: https://funpay.com/en/lots/334/

3) Self-play services – client logs into his account and plays on his own, but other players help him inside the game. For example, help in passing the World of Warcraft dungeons, if you cannot complete a certain level of the game (dungeon), on our website you can hire other gamers to do this as part of a group (inside the game)

• Example: https://funpay.com/en/lots/340/

• Or, for example, other players can help you get in-game items https://funpay.com/en/lots/28/

• Or in-game gold Example: https://funpay.com/en/chips/2/